Vendrig automates sales process with 'guided selling'

Vendrig used Excel for creating quotes and Salesforce for managing customer relationships. House of low-code developed an application that streamlines the sales process.
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An inefficient sales process and fragmented systems.


One system for quote generation and customer management.

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An inefficient sales process and fragmented systems.


One system for quote generation and customer management.

reduction in manual tasks
developer on-site at Vendrig every week
month was needed to phase out Salesforce

IT challenge

Vendrig specializes in providing secure workwear, personal protective equipment, sanitary facilities, and hygiene products. Sales representatives at Vendrig relied on Excel for creating quotes. They utilized the Salesforce CRM system to manage customer relationships, which proved to be a costly solution for that specific purpose. This outdated and fragmented way of working resulted in a slow process and errors. The objective was to achieve a more efficient sales process.

The solution

With the new application, sales representatives can effortlessly generate quotes using a predefined flow. They utilize the 'guided selling' functionality, which generates a proposal based on specific questions. Once the quote is finalized, the PDF is automatically generated, digitally sent, and signed online. All actions related to quote follow-ups are tracked in the system, ensuring the management always has an up-to-date overview. The application seamlessly integrates with AFAS.


Our approach

Based on thorough market analysis, Vendrig selected the Betty Blocks low-code platform to develop their solution efficiently. The project was divided into multiple sprints, with a House of low-code developer working on-site with Vendrig one day per week to facilitate direct collaboration and swiftly implement necessary adjustments. This approach resulted in streamlined communication and accelerated development.

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The result

The new application streamlines work processes and speeds up the generation of quotes. It automates labor-intensive tasks like price calculations and quoting, resulting in a 30 percent reduction in manual work and a lower chance of errors. This greatly enhances customer and employee satisfaction. Additionally, Salesforce has been fully replaced, and the application fosters improved collaboration between the business and IT.


Let’s move forward together

Every organization has its own unique processes that cannot be accommodated by off-the-shelf software solutions. That's why we specialize in developing tailor-made software that perfectly aligns with your business operations. With the power of low-code, we accelerate the development process, enabling your organization to work smarter and more efficiently.

"We successfully phased out Salesforce in just one month by leveraging the CRM functionality within the new Betty Blocks application. This application has also empowered us with enhanced control over all our quotes."

Sjors HeldensVendrig

About the collaboration

Vendrig and House of low-code have a highly productive collaboration. "Short lines of communication and open channels combined with a hands-on mentality from both sides make for a great partnership," says Sjors Heldens from Vendrig. He advises other companies to choose a software partner with whom they have a good connection. "Also, make sure to acquire as much knowledge as possible together with this partner."

Vendrig's IT landscape was predominantly composed of off-the-shelf software, and their overall experiences were satisfactory. However, in this particular situation, Vendrig consciously opted for custom development. As Heldens explains, "Our main priority was to have the freedom to define and configure our own business processes, without being constrained by the limitations of an off-the-shelf package."