New digital factory for energy giant

An international energy company aimed to digitize its operations and speed up application development. They opted for the HCL Volt MX platform to achieve this goal.
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Rapid deployment of applications for multiple target audiences.


A digital factory that speeds up application development.

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Rapid deployment of applications for multiple target audiences.


A digital factory that speeds up application development.

employees across 70 countries
platform for IoT application management
applications developed in the first year

The energy giant's
IT challenge

The international energy company, with more than 155,000 employees spread across 70 countries, is committed to taking a leading position in the worldwide energy transition. To achieve this, they recognized the need for agility in swiftly deploying digital applications across various target audiences and platforms. Hence, the organization sought to establish a "digital factory" as a centralized platform for managing IoT, big data, and API assets, facilitating the accelerated development of digital and IoT apps.

The solution

Following a thorough evaluation of platform providers, the energy company selected the HCL Volt MX platform through an intensive selection process, primarily based on its technological superiority. Key benefits of this platform include the ability to develop applications that can run on multiple platforms, empowering business teams to effectively leverage the platform for digital initiatives alongside IT, and the opportunity to reuse app components, enhancing development efficiency.

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The result

In the first year, the organization developed 15 applications using the HCL Volt MX platform. These included an application for employees to manage various HR-related matters while on the go, an app for smart charging that helps manage charging sequences for buildings and industrial areas with electric vehicle charging stations, and an app that empowers consumers to have better control over their electricity consumption through their mobile devices.


Accelerating innovation

Another example is an innovative carpooling app that enables employees, partners, and contractors to easily book an electric vehicle provided by the company. With the HCL Volt MX platform, the development of such applications can be significantly accelerated. The entire process can be shortened to a matter of weeks instead of months, thanks to the ability to reuse components or even entire apps across different departments, resulting in substantial time savings.


Let’s move forward together

Every organization has its own unique processes that cannot be accommodated by off-the-shelf software solutions. That's why we specialize in developing tailor-made software that perfectly aligns with your business operations. With the power of low-code, we accelerate the development process, enabling your organization to work smarter and more efficiently.

"When a business unit develops an app using the HCL Volt MX platform, another business unit, and then another, is able to use all or part of that same app since we use the platform all around the world."

Deputy directorof the digital team

The power of HCL Volt MX

The HCL Volt MX platform offers much more than smart component reuse. It is an open, standards-based, and integrated platform that provides comprehensive support throughout the entire application development lifecycle. It encompasses unique tools for designing and developing user interfaces, a robust mobile backend-as-a-service component for backend development, and embedded testing and analytics capabilities.

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