Central administration platform for Forta Volwassenen

Forta Volwassenen was spending a lot of time and manpower on administrative processes. House of low-code developed a flexible and efficient administration system for the healthcare organization.
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Manual administration in four different systems.


Automation through a central administration platform.

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Manual administration in four different systems.


Automation through a central administration platform.

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Forta Volwassenen’s
IT challenge

Forta Volwassenen specializes in providing diagnostic and treatment services for mental health issues. Their administrative tasks, including contract management, time registration, invoicing, and placement of practice assistants at general practitioners' offices, were being performed manually across four different systems. This process was time-consuming, tedious, and prone to errors. The organization identified the need for a centralized and efficient platform to automate these monthly administrative activities.

The solution

House of low-code developed a central administration platform for FortaGroep. Based on the entered data, contracts with general practitioner practices can be automatically generated. The same information serves as input for the planning of the mental health support workers. Every week, a proposal for time registration is generated based on this planning, and the registered hours form the basis for invoicing. The invoice information can be automatically imported into the financial system, and the time specifications can be shared with general practitioner practices with a simple click.


Our approach

It is not always possible to define the requirements for an application in detail beforehand. That's why we employ the SCRUM and OTAP methods for software development. SCRUM, an agile framework, enables our multidisciplinary teams to deliver functional applications in short sprints, typically lasting from one to four weeks. This flexible approach allows us to seamlessly incorporate changes during the development process. Additionally, we utilize the OTAP method to conduct comprehensive testing of the new software, ensuring its quality and reliability.


The result

Forta Volwassenen now benefits from a centralized and efficient administration platform that automates numerous manual tasks, resulting in substantial time savings. Notably, invoices can now be accurately specified and sent within a single day, compared to the previous week-long process. The platform also enhances time registration and contributes to improved cash flow by expediting invoice payments. Additionally, the platform is user-friendly for all practice assistants.

More about process optimization

Let’s move forward together

Every organization has its own unique processes that cannot be accommodated by off-the-shelf software solutions. That's why we specialize in developing tailor-made software that perfectly aligns with your business operations. With the power of low-code, we accelerate the development process, enabling your organization to work smarter and more efficiently.

"Our new platform perfectly meets our needs. Almost all manual tasks are automated, enabling us to work 10 times faster."

Vera MaanForta Volwassenen

About the collaboration

Forta Volwassenen is highly satisfied with the collaboration with House of low-code. "The lines of communication are short, and they understand our company culture," says Vera Maan from Forta Volwassenen. "These are relevant aspects for establishing a fruitful collaboration. We clearly expressed our vision for the end product we desired, and we primarily entrusted the 'technical' aspect, a low-code solution, to House of low-code."

Maan would definitely recommend House of low-code to other companies facing similar challenges. "The way they translated our requirements, without us having a strong technical background, into a digital product has pleasantly surprised us. We also appreciated their perspective and experience in suggesting solutions, which prevented us from having tunnel vision and resulted in an even better product."