Flexible application landscape for pharmaceutical company

A large pharmaceutical organization wanted to streamline and automate its internal processes. House of low-code developed over 20 applications for this pharmaceutical company to enhance efficiency.
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Inefficient and fragmented processes with many manual tasks.


Smart custom applications based on low-code technology.

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Inefficient and fragmented processes with many manual tasks.


Smart custom applications based on low-code technology.

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flexible and modern application landscape

The IT challenge of the pharma company

The pharmaceutical organization, with over 6,000 employees across multiple countries, is a major player in the global medicine market. In late 2018, the company sought a platform to rapidly develop custom applications. Various departments still relied on self-made Excel sheets, leading to error-prone and inefficient processes. After market research, the pharmaceutical organization chose the low-code platform Betty Blocks, with House of low-code as its dedicated implementation partner.

The solution

Low-code is a powerful tool for process optimization. Developing custom applications with this technology is much faster, partly due to intelligent component reuse. House of low-code quickly realized that the pharmaceutical company could handle various approval processes more efficiently, such as reviewing scientific publications, export documents, unpaid invoices, and sustainability metrics. Using a basic template for such applications further saves time. Several applications were ready for use within a month.

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Our approach

The internal processes of the pharmaceutical organization can be quite complex. We start by engaging with the business to understand the process and identify pain points. Based on that, we design an application that streamlines the process with minimal manual tasks. Then, we develop the application using the SCRUM methodology. That is an agile framework where multidisciplinary teams deliver working functionality in short sprints lasting one to four weeks. This flexible approach allows for making changes without significant impact.


20+ applications

In total, we have developed over 20 Betty Blocks applications for this organization. The following processes have been optimized:

  • Reviewing and approving scientific publications.
  • Collecting and evaluating data for customs document preparation.
  • Mapping and approving cross-border deliveries.
  • Approving donations to charities.
  • Gathering sustainability data for B Corp certification, among others.

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Let’s move forward together

Every organization has its own unique processes that cannot be accommodated by off-the-shelf software solutions. That's why we specialize in developing tailor-made software that perfectly aligns with your business operations. With the power of low-code, we accelerate the development process, enabling your organization to work smarter and more efficiently.

"We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Working in collaboration with our clients, we develop user-friendly applications that truly make a difference for their organization."

Nick Bazuinmanaging partnerHouse of low-code

The result

Low-code provides a flexible application landscape and enhances the digital agility of the pharmaceutical organization. If an internal process isn't running smoothly or an employee has an innovative idea, we can quickly develop a tailored application. The result is always the same: a more efficient way of working. Since the first project in 2018, the collaboration with this client has only grown stronger, and we are proud of that!