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Sometimes a low-code project doesn't go as planned. The backlog keeps growing, but your software partner doesn't have the capacity to scale quickly. And the few available freelancers charge exorbitant rates. Does this sound familiar? We can help.

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House of low-code is your independent low-code specialist. Our diverse pool of skilled professionals, including developers, testers, and business analysts, is readily available for you to bolster your team cost-effectively.



Do you need additional capacity to meet project deadlines? Or are you looking for specific expertise to fill the gaps within your team? Look no further. Our experts are here to assist you.



Finding freelance low-code developers can be a challenging and costly task. That's why we train our own developers, allowing us to provide competitive rates without compromising quality.



House of low-code consists of specialized agencies for low-code platforms like Betty Blocks, Novulo, Volt MX, and more. Rest assured, we have genuine experts to cater to your platform needs.

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Bas Senior low-code engineer

Bas, an experienced programmer, possesses a deep understanding of various aspects of application development. With his technical expertise, he is an ideal sparring partner for your business.

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Rosa Head of Business Analysis

Rosa leads our business analysis department. She excels in unraveling complex processes, skillfully managing teams, and overseeing intricate project management.

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Marcel Tech lead

Marcel, an experienced software engineer, has extensive knowledge of Betty Blocks and other low-code platforms. He also finds fulfillment in mentoring and coaching junior developers.

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Killian Development team lead

Killian, our versatile in-house developer, seamlessly adapts to various situations. As a team lead, he excels in guiding developers with effectiveness and serves as a self-reliant contributor.

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Trusted by industry leaders

We take pride in supporting many organizations with their low-code projects. Here's a glimpse of our valued clients:

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