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Do you want to rapidly develop powerful business applications that align perfectly with your unique processes? Choose OutSystems, the high-performance low-code platform.

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Simplicity and performance
with OutSystems

OutSystems is a low-code platform that enables you to rapidly develop customized business software. It empowers you to create not only relatively simple applications like customer portals but also business-critical software such as ERP and CRM systems.


Increased agility

OutSystems boosts your innovation capabilities, accelerating application development through its intuitive interface, extensive library of pre-built components, AI, and automation.


High performance

With OutSystems, you can easily develop secure, flexible, and reliable applications that deliver a superb user experience, even when scaling to hundreds of millions of users.


Advanced tools

OutSystems is packed with advanced functionality for experienced developers, including tools for vulnerability scanning. You can also extend applications with traditional code.


Vendrig automates sales process

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reduction in manual work
developer on-site at Vendrig weekly
month needed to phase out Salesforce

OutSystems is the most powerful low-code platform in the world.

OutSystems stands for high-performance low-code excellence. It is a powerful and accessible cloud platform for building stable, scalable custom business software. It's no wonder OutSystems is one of the market leaders in low-code.


Discover the benefits of OutSystems

There are various low-code platforms available on the market. So why choose OutSystems? House of low-code highlights some key features.

  • Leader in low-code
    Thousands of active customers in nearly 90 countries and across more than 20 different industries rely on OutSystems. Renowned market analysts like Forrester have recognized OutSystems as a leading low-code platform for years.

  • AI Mentor System
    The OutSystems platform provides groundbreaking AI-based tools for development and quality analysis. Developers effectively benefit from having a dedicated team of experts supporting them throughout the entire application development process.

  • Security and compliance
    OutSystems offers comprehensive capabilities for security, compliance, and governance. You can conduct 250 different security checks, including some that leverage AI. This ensures the development of secure-by-design applications.

  • Full-stack development
    With OutSystems, every developer becomes a full-stack developer, building both front-ends and back-ends. From Figma integration to ready-made templates, APIs, web services, and data models, everything converges in one platform.

Want to know about OutSystems? Schedule a meeting.

Are you curious about the possibilities of Betty Blocks for your organization? Or are you looking to quickly develop an application and in need of a reliable partner? Our experts are here to assist you.

Every low-code project starts with an introductory meeting. Together, we will discuss your digital challenges and assess whether Betty Blocks is indeed the solution. We will also address all your questions regarding important topics such as:

  • Automation
  • System integration
  • Platform selection
  • Consultancy
  • Costs and planning

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Discover the power of
the AI Mentor System

The AI Mentor System within the OutSystems platform consists of a set of advanced AI tools. Here are some of the tools included:

  • AI Code Mentor
    An AI-powered code expert that guides development teams through complex builds and automates repetitive tasks.

  • AI Architecture Mentor
    An AI-powered enterprise architect that ensures code compliance with essential architectural standards.

  • AI Security Mentor
    An AI-powered cybersecurity expert that continuously scans code and identifies potential vulnerabilities.

  • AI Performance Mentor
    An AI-powered performance expert that reviews code to ensure apps consistently perform at their peak level.


What can you build
with OutSystems?

OutSystems is a versatile platform for rapidly building various types of business software. This includes customer and employee portals, mobile field service apps, order management software, as well as ERP and CRM systems.


Offer outstanding service
with a customer portal

Empower your customers with a self-service customer portal. They'll have 24/7 access to information about your products and services, as well as the ability to handle various tasks themselves. Simultaneously, your service department will be relieved as fewer tickets come in. Your employees will have more time for providing genuine service. With low-code, you can quickly develop a customer-centric portal.


  • Support portal
  • Community platform
  • Registration portal
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Optimize your workforce
with field service applications

Technicians, consultants, and salespeople who work on-site require the necessary tools to efficiently carry out their tasks. A mobile field service app simplifies their work. Some apps provide valuable customer data and product information, while others enhance work orders or digitize the quoting process. If you're looking to rapidly develop a field service app, low-code is the way to go.


  • Quotation application
  • Quality control app
  • Maintenance app
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Transform your business
with an ERP system

The path to a data-driven business starts with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. From accounting, finance, and sales to inventory management and HR, this is the backbone of your organization where all relevant data converges. Standard software is often cumbersome and generic, but with low-code, you can quickly build a flexible and future-proof ERP system.

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Manage customer relationships
with a CRM system

Knowledge is power. With a customer relationship management (CRM) system, you bring together all customer information in one place. Your marketing, sales, and customer service departments always have a complete view of the customer. This way, you never miss a sales opportunity and provide excellent service. Especially when you let us build your CRM system.

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Boost your efficiency
with process optimization

Every organization has recurring internal processes that are often far from efficient. "That's just how we do things around here." Does this sound familiar? No worries, as we excel at process optimization. With low-code applications, you can automate manual and error-prone tasks. Let’s increase the productivity of your employees.


  • Time registration app
  • Expense claims app
  • Approval app
More about process optimization

House of low-code
Your OutSystems expert

Are you interested in developing an OutSystems application and in need of a reliable implementation partner? Look no further than House of low-code. As a trusted OutSystems partner, we possess extensive knowledge of this platform. Our team of low-code experts has successfully built numerous OutSystems applications.

House of low-code is your go-to destination for all your OutSystems needs. If you're new to the world of OutSystems, don't worry—we'll guide you through the entire process, from concept to application. Alternatively, you can hire our experienced OutSystems developers if you require additional capacity for your project.


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