Low-code platform

Accelerate your digital transformation with USoft. This low-code platform enables you to rapidly develop robust software that seamlessly aligns with your unique business processes.

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Streamline complex processes
with USoft

USoft empowers organizations to efficiently build mission-critical software based on powerful business rules. Whether you require a tailored ERP system or seek to replace legacy software with a future-proof solution, USoft is the logical choice.


Fast development

With USoft, your organization gains digital agility. The development, testing, and expansion of new applications are accelerated, reducing time spent on maintenance and management.


Built for complexity

USoft is specifically designed to simplify complex, unique, and data-intensive processes. The platform provides a solid and future-proof foundation for critical business systems.


Reliable and secure

USoft is highly stable and always available. Applications run smoothly for years without disruptions, while the platform provides a protective layer for securing your data.


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USoft is the low-code platform for complex, mission-critical software.

Low-code is often associated with relatively simple applications, but USoft is much more versatile. It is ideal for developing mission-critical applications, integrating systems, and modernizing legacy software.


Discover the benefits of USoft

With numerous low-code platforms available, why choose USoft? House of low-code highlights some key features:

  • Business rules
    USoft functions using business rules, which enable you to establish a structure that guides how an application behaves. By placing your business processes at the core, the application consistently operates optimally, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Lower TCO
    USoft not only accelerates the development process but also reduces the total cost of ownership compared to other platforms. This is achieved through easier maintenance, updates, and expansion of applications, among other benefits.

  • Modernize legacy systems
    When modernizing outdated business software, you have two options: upgrading legacy systems to avoid disrupting the business or replacing them entirely with future-proof technology. USoft is highly suitable for both approaches.

  • Process orchestration
    Intelligent Process Orchestration (IPO) is an advanced technology that seamlessly connects systems and processes, ensuring smooth and efficient integration. This enhances your business processes, boosting productivity and performance.

Want to know about USoft? Schedule a meeting.

Are you curious about the possibilities of USoft for your organization? Or are you looking to quickly develop an application and in need of a reliable partner? Our experts are here to assist you.

Every low-code project starts with an introductory meeting. Together, we will discuss your digital challenges and assess whether USoft is indeed the solution. We will also address all your questions regarding important topics such as:

  • Automation
  • System integration
  • Platform selection
  • Consultancy
  • Costs and planning

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Discover the power
of business rules

The Rules Engine, which encompasses all the business rules for your application, lies at the core of USoft. These rules are defined in natural language instead of cryptic code. USoft stores the business rules and data model in the Rules Engine, which then translates them into functional software. You can easily modify the rules and other components without needing to adjust the backend.

Constraints play a crucial role in the Rules Engine. These restrictions ensure data integrity and safeguard the information utilized by the application. Constraints serve as a special integration layer between the business rules and the database, verifying whether a user, system, or application possesses the appropriate rights to perform a specific action.


What can you build
with USoft?

USoft is a versatile platform for developing a wide range of applications, specifically tailored for mission-critical software such as ERP systems, legacy software modernization, and enterprise-wide process orchestration.


Transform your business
with an ERP system

The path to a data-driven business starts with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. From accounting, finance, and sales to inventory management and HR, this is the backbone of your organization where all relevant data converges. Standard software is often cumbersome and generic, but with low-code, you can quickly build a flexible and future-proof ERP system.

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Optimize your warehouse
with a WMS

Efficient warehouse management is crucial for swift order processing, ensuring a smooth flow from procurement to delivery throughout the entire supply chain. With a warehouse management system (WMS), your warehouse or distribution center operates seamlessly, eliminating any obstacles that may disrupt customer satisfaction. Experience the benefits of low-code WMS software today.

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Boost your efficiency
with process optimization

Every organization has recurring internal processes that are often far from efficient. "That's just how we do things around here." Does this sound familiar? No worries, as we excel at process optimization. With low-code applications, you can automate manual and error-prone tasks. Let’s increase the productivity of your employees.


  • Time registration app
  • Expense claims app
  • Approval app
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House of low-code
Your USoft expert

Are you interested in developing a USoft application and in need of a reliable implementation partner? Look no further than House of low-code. As a trusted USoft partner, we possess extensive knowledge of this platform. Our team of low-code experts has successfully built numerous USoft applications.

House of low-code is your go-to destination for all your USoft needs. If you're new to the world of USoft, don't worry—we'll guide you through the entire process, from concept to application. Alternatively, you can hire our experienced USoft developers if you require additional capacity for your project.


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Curious about how USoft works in practice? In a short demo, you'll learn more about the features, integrations, implementation, and costs.

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