Low-code platform
Volt MX

With HCL Volt MX, both professional and citizen developers can rapidly build mobile applications and multi-experience apps. The platform is perfect for co-creation.

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Build applications together
with Volt MX

Volt MX brings low-code and citizen development closer than ever before. With this platform, non-programmers can easily and quickly build applications, while professional developers can handle more complex aspects such as security and integrations.


Unified development

Volt MX combines the speed of low-code with advanced backend and integration capabilities. The platform facilitates secure application development under the supervision of IT.



You can easily build applications that offer a smooth user experience on a wide range of platforms and devices. This includes support for voice commands and touchscreens.


Digital innovation

Volt MX empowers citizen developers to create applications in a user-friendly environment, enabling the business to tackle its own challenges and drive innovation.


New system for field technicians

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million electricity customers
handsets replaced by mobile apps
for data synchronization
1 sec.

Volt MX is the low-code platform for both IT and the business.

Traditional low-code solutions are not very accessible for citizen developers. They are primarily focused on professional developers, not on the business. Volt MX bridges the gap between low-code and citizen development, making it unique in the market.


Discover the benefits of Volt MX

With so many low-code platforms on the market, you may wonder why you should choose Volt MX. Here are some features that set Volt MX apart:

  • Persona-specific
    Volt MX caters to diverse skill sets. Leap offers an intuitive tool for citizen developers, while professional developers can leverage the advanced capabilities of Volt Iris and Volt Foundry to build sophisticated applications.

  • Process automation 
    Non-programmers can quickly and easily build mobile and web applications that automate their work processes. At the same time, Volt MX ensures that IT retains control and governance over the applications being developed.

  • Legacy modernization
    Volt MX efficiently modernizes or replaces outdated enterprise applications, empowering organizations to stay up-to-date with technology advancements. For migrating legacy HCL Domino apps, there is the Volt MX Go solution.

  • Maximized productivity 
    Volt MX optimizes the workflow of professional developers, allowing them to effortlessly deploy applications to various devices with a single click. It simplifies intricate elements such as integrations and authentication by centralizing them.

Want to know about Volt MX? Schedule a meeting.

Are you curious about the possibilities of Volt MX for your organization? Or are you looking to quickly develop an application and in need of a reliable partner? Our experts are here to assist you.

Every low-code project starts with an introductory meeting. Together, we will discuss your digital challenges and assess whether Volt MX is indeed the solution. We will also address all your questions regarding important topics such as:

  • Automation
  • System integration
  • Platform selection
  • Consultancy
  • Costs and planning

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Discover the power of
unified development

The Volt MX platform is a highly comprehensive platform. You can compare it to a toolbox that contains various tools: Leap, Volt Iris, and Volt Foundry.

  • Leap is an intuitive tool that allows citizen developers to easily build web applications. No coding is required.
  • Volt Iris is an integrated front-end development environment that enables professional developers to build multi-experience apps.
  • Volt Foundry is a back-end development platform for central application management, covering integrations, workflows, authentication, and more.

Volt MX enhances collaboration between business and IT. Professional developers can enrich an application built with Leap by using Iris and Foundry with complex functionality, without the need to rewrite the application.


What can you build
with Volt MX?

Volt MX offers a unique combination of citizen development and low-code capabilities. Leap enables business users to optimize processes, while Volt Iris empowers professional developers to create robust multi-experience applications.


Optimize your workforce
with field service applications

Technicians, consultants, and salespeople who work on-site require the necessary tools to efficiently carry out their tasks. A mobile field service app simplifies their work. Some apps provide valuable customer data and product information, while others enhance work orders or digitize the quoting process. If you're looking to rapidly develop a field service app, low-code is the way to go.


  • Quotation application
  • Quality control app
  • Maintenance app
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Reinvent your business
with IoT applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables product innovations and new business models. However, an IoT application can also be used to optimize your business processes. For example, you can use sensors to track assets, measure the fill level of waste containers, and perform predictive maintenance. With low-code, we give your IoT project a head start.


  • Asset tracking
  • Process automation
  • Preventive maintenance
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Boost your efficiency
with process optimization

Every organization has recurring internal processes that are often far from efficient. "That's just how we do things around here." Does this sound familiar? No worries, as we excel at process optimization. With low-code applications, you can automate manual and error-prone tasks. Let’s increase the productivity of your employees.


  • Time registration app
  • Expense claims app
  • Approval app
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House of low-code
Your Volt MX expert

Are you interested in developing a Volt MX application and in need of a reliable implementation partner? Look no further than House of low-code. As a trusted Volt MX partner, we possess extensive knowledge of this platform. Our team of low-code experts has successfully built numerous Volt MX applications.

House of low-code is your go-to destination for all your Volt MX needs. If you're new to the world of Volt MX, don't worry—we'll guide you through the entire process, from concept to application. Alternatively, you can hire our experienced Volt MX developers if you require additional capacity for your project.


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