Our way of work

House of low-code is the independent low-code specialist. Together with our clients, we devise smart solutions that truly propel their organizations forward. We then proceed to agile development of the application through one of our agencies, ensuring both speed and quality for our clients.


Start with the challenge

First and foremost, we assess your digital challenge. Which processes do you want to improve? Which outdated applications need replacement? And how does this align with your long-term IT strategy? We determine if low-code is indeed the best solution, and if not, we are transparent about it because your interests come first.

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Independent platform advice

Each low-code technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the right platform is crucial. This depends on factors such as the type of application, your industry, and functional requirements. We don't rush this decision and thoroughly evaluate the technical feasibility. Only when we are 100% confident in our choice, the development process begins.


Betty Blocks


Microsoft Power Apps








Volt MX

You decide how we work together

At House of low-code, we highly value customization. That’s why we work together in a way that suits you best.


We carefully determine a suitable budget for your project, ensuring full transparency regarding the investment and anticipated results. Together, we drive your project to success.


Building your own development team is costly and time-consuming. We provide you with an experienced team that possesses all the necessary expertise. Of course, we keep track of the hours.

Staff augmentation

Do you require expert IT advice or are you looking to swiftly scale up your development project? From consultants to developers, we have the right professionals ready for any task.

Your own development team

A capable development team is the foundation for success. Such a team consists of various specialists who complement and strengthen each other. Motivated professionals with a shared mission: to devise smart solutions for your IT challenges. 

We assemble a flexible team that perfectly aligns with the skillsets of your own people. Sometimes, a single experienced expert with specific know-how is exactly what you need. However, we can also provide a complete multidisciplinary team that fully supports your organization. And everything in between.


Effective collaboration

Effective collaboration relies on clear communication. At House of low-code, we prioritize this by employing various strategies:

  • Clearly defined agreements regarding deadlines, priorities, and responsibilities.
  • Close collaboration with the development team using tools like Slack and email.
  • Constructive and transparent feedback from all team members.
  • Comprehensive tracking of project status using Jira, providing continuous visibility.
  • Bi-weekly sprint updates on progress and budget matters.


Agile development

Efficient budget utilization requires an agile approach. Our developers have extensive experience with SCRUM, which we also apply to other aspects of our services such as strategy, consultancy, and the creative process. Through short feedback loops, we ensure quality and minimize overhead costs.

Flexibility is a core principle of our approach. We give our development teams the freedom they need to achieve the best results, while also maintaining a structured and transparent framework that ensures you retain full control.


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Quality control and testing

Quality is always the result of meticulous testing. Our approach includes the following steps:

  • Performance testing
    When implementing significant changes to the application, we conduct performance tests to ensure optimal speed and responsiveness of pages.

  • Release notes
    We prepare a comprehensive report that includes all user stories from a sprint and share it with relevant stakeholders. This report serves as input for acceptance testing.

  • Acceptance testing
    We execute user acceptance tests (UAT) in a dedicated test environment, combining the new code with the updated content and translations.

  • Deployment
    After successful acceptance testing, we deploy the code and content to the production server. If needed, it’s possible to easily rollback to the previous version.

  • Production testing
    Once the changes are live, we closely monitor all aspects of the application's performance using various monitoring sensors and conduct thorough production testing.


Continuous improvement

Software development is not a one-time exercise but an ongoing process of continuous improvement. We adopt a data- and value-driven approach, focusing on what truly matters to your employees and customers. This enables us to identify the most impactful improvements for your organization's growth and innovation.

Sometimes, the solution may be as simple as adding new functionality or providing employee training. However, we also take a broader perspective on your IT challenges. What are our shared goals? What resources are required? How do we engage stakeholders effectively? Together, we create a future-proof application landscape.